Beginning to End

by maggie y/o

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A love story told from beginning to end.


released February 29, 2016

All songs written by Maggie Osburn
Vocals by Maggie Osburn
All instruments performed by Shawn Barry
Produced by Shawn Barry and Maggie Osburn

Mixed and Mastered by Shawn Barry at What Color studio.



all rights reserved


maggie y/o San Francisco, California

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Track Name: A Day With You
I would like to spend the day with you
Find a park and go and play with you
Or maybe sleep it all away with you
And I'd wake up wrapped in you
I would like to spend the night with you
Going out and making eyes at you
I'd be feeling so fine with you
And I'd wonder if you'd feel it too
I would like to spend the week with you
Find a place along the beach with you
Forget everything and leave with you
A little time for just us two
I would like to spend the year with you
Tell you everything I hold dear about you
And I'd never have a thing to fear with you
And I hope that I would make you feel safe too
I would like to spend my life with you
Holding hands, spending time with you
And I'd end every single night with you
And I know that I would make you happy too
So won't you come and spend the day with me and we'll see
Track Name: Cops and Robbers
You are butter and I am toast
Where I'm the least you are the most
And I fear
I am drifting in your wake
You are an ocean, not the lake
I expect here
And now I take my time
Letting myself down easy
Cuz I don't mind
Passing time with you
You are morning and I am dusk
Shine your light on me if you must
I'm the robber, you're the cop
Let me know where I should stop
Do do do you wanna go
Some place secret with me
We can leave the city
Right at half past three
Head for the coast
The one we love the most
And take our time heading home
I'm the candle, you're the flame
A pillar of wax before I learned your name
And now I'm sure I've come too far
From the cold dark moon to the burning stars in your eyes
Track Name: You and Me and 23
Give me just a day or two
And I'll be back to missing you
I don't do as well as I'd like to
Without you
I'm alone but not quite lonely
It's not as bad as it could be
I'll keep my heart where I can see
You and me and 23 are all I see
You are warm when I feel cold
What if when we grew old
That's a story that we told?
I don't wanna hide inside no more
I've reached the ceiling and the floor
I'll find my way to the door
You and me and 23 are all I see
Every day's another game of who can it be now?
Wait and see now
You and me now
Track Name: Phoenix
Let it all fall
Let it all fall down
From the ashes
From the ashes you'll be found
Track Name: Out of Love
I used to wait up late for your call
Lying awake and deeper I'd fall
I didn't think it was fair
For you to leave me there
But now I'm out of love I see
These days I'm out here on my own
No more reason to stare at my phone
No one calls me late at night
Just to hear my voice it's like
When you fell out of love with me
You're the one I'd always call
When id had enough for one day
But I have come to realize
That it's not you that I crave
But I can't always take the high road
I get you are human too
And I'm okay, and please don't blame me
For missing what I had with you
Cuz I used to wake up late to your call
Lying to make it seem like your fault
You were a living breathing soul
I hated to lose control
Now that I'm out of love I see