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by maggie y/o

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my diary as a book on tape, a means of survival


released July 29, 2017



Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.


maggie y/o San Francisco, California

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Track Name: something broken
something is broken in me
i can't get my head on right
this world is a round hole and i have four sides

something is shattered in me
you still keep me up at night
i swear my love wouldn't scare you if i'd just said it right

mama has spoken to me
in scattered apologies
if it eased her troubled mind i'd really rather not see
'cause she left something broken in me

i'm naked on display
for this round world to see
now it's quite clear that something's broken in me
Track Name: what we are and what we're not
you are not a villain in a song
you're a man to whom i'd hoped i could belong
but if all we are is skin stretched over bone
i am my own

swore i saw the glimmer of a man
who could tolerate if not quite understand
i am not some burden that you opted not to bear
'cause you were scared

remember when i told you i could die
that i was grasping for a reason to survive?
you took the words and crushed them, you always loved to steal
never asked me how i feel
there was no, "how you feeling?"

i still taste the sweetness of your kiss
though my tongue spits bitter after all of this
i miss the way it feels not to crumble but to soar
when my eyes meet yours

i am my own
i'm not made of stone
and goddamn i feel my pain through skin and bone
where'd your heart and spine go, and don't it get too cold
on your own?